Trump hires yet another lawyer to deal with Russia probe

Donald Trump continues to bulk up his legal team to help deal with the various investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. On Friday, Trump added Washington attorney John Dowd to a team that already includes Marc Kasowitz, Jay Sekulow, and Michael Bowe.

76-year-old Dowd is the former Special Counsel to the Commissioner of Baseball who produced the Dowd Report (makes sense) in the ’80s, which concluded that Pete Rose had been gambling and even placing bets on teams he was managing. As a result, Rose was banned from MLB in 1989. That’s right, it’s partially this dude’s fault Rose isn’t in the hall of fame.

One source told Reuters that Trump isn’t done hiring attorneys either, and will most likely add “another well-known white-collar Washington lawyer,” sometime soon. Well sure, you can never have too many lawyers. In addition to the team we already went over, Trump still has access to the White House counsel, and of course his private attorney, Michael Cohen.

Cohen, who has never been to Prague in his life, also recently hired his own lawyer to represent him in the Russia investigation. The most comical situation I can imagine at this point is that this pattern keeps repeating. We would end up with a weird reverse pyramid scheme where lawyers keep hiring lawyers, eventually running out of competent representation, causing those at the very top to come tumbling down.

What I’m saying is, if you get a call from an unknown number sometime in the next few weeks, it may be Donald Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer’s lawyer asking if you could represent them. I say go for it.

[Reuters | Photo: Getty]