North Korea accuses U.S. of ‘mugging’ diplomats at JFK Airport

North Korea is accusing U.S. officials of “mugging” several diplomats for confiscating a package at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.

A North Korean spokesperson said a delegate “was literally mugged” at JFK on Friday while trying to return home from a UN conference. The spokesperson also said the confiscation was “an illegal and heinous act of provocation.”

“Diplomats of a sovereign state are being robbed of a diplomatic package in the middle of New York where the headquarters of the United Nations is located and that serves as the venue for international meetings including the United Nations General Assembly,” the spokesman said through the state’s official KCNA news agency. “This clearly shows that the US is a felonious and lawless gangster state.”

Well, he’s not necessarily wrong, but it feels like this whole incident is being blown out of proportion. The spokesperson even made a push to get the UN to consider moving its headquarters from New York, saying, “The international community needs to seriously reconsider whether or not New York, where such an outrageous mugging is rampant, is fit to serve as the venue for international meetings.”

According to KCNA the diplomats had a valid courier certificate when more than 20 DHS officials and police officers who claimed to be from the US Department of Homeland Security and police “made a violent assault like gangsters to take away the diplomatic package from the diplomats.”

Neither the White House or DHS has commented on the alleged incident.

The accusation comes in the wake of Otto Warmbier, a U.S. citizen, being freed from North Korea after being held captive for over a year. The 22-year-old returned home on Tuesday in a coma with a “severe neurological injury,” which North Korea blamed on a combination of botulism and sleeping pills. U.S. doctors said they found no trace of botulism.

Could this incredibly stupid incident be what finally kicks off World War III? Probably not, but we’ll wait to see what Donald Trump tweets at 3 a.m.

[The Guardian | Photo: Getty]