What’s with Trump lawyers and playing in dad rock cover bands?

Attorney Jay Sekulow has had a long career in the beltway, but most of us just got acquainted with him on the Sunday news shows when he was defending his new client, President Trump. When Sekulow isn’t causing CNN’s Jake Tapper to make that confused puppy head tilt while explaining Trump isn’t under investigation when his client explicitly tweeted otherwise, he’s hitting the skins in his eponymously named dad rock band.

Naming his watered-down Blues Hammer outfit The Jay Sekulow Band denotes major hubris considering that he’s sharing the stage with John Elefante, formerly of Kansas, a band some people (our dads) have actually heard of. As the video for the 2014 single “Where I Stand” denotes, Sekulow is the lowest-energy motherfucker in the room. If you’re gonna name a band after yourself, maybe have more charisma than your Max Weinberg sleep-drumming through an Ambien daze stage presence.

In addition to original numbers, Jay Sekulow’s Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck records classic rock covers. Watch Trump’s attorney feign mild interest in playing the bongos while the rest of his band plays a Boston jam.

Sekulow, ever the multi-instrumentalist, flexes his axe skills on the band’s cover of Three Dog Night’s “Liar.”

If you think Sekulow is the only Trump lawyer with music as a hobby, think again. White House Counsel Don McGahn used to cover Journey and Metallica in Scott’s New Band, or, at least he did before leaving the outfit in 2016.

It’s probably safe to assume that any talking head lawyer shilling for the president on Fox News is practicing the solo in Foreigner’s “I Wanna Know What Love Is” as soon as he clocks off.

[screen shot: OfficialACLJ]