Putin appeals to Trump’s hatred of the press right in front of reporters

Ahead of President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House aides were worried that the president would end up bonding with Putin over their shared hatred of the free press. They were right to be worried as Russian state video of the two leaders’ G20 meeting depicts Putin cannily pointing out reporters in the crowd and asking “these are the ones hurting you?”

“Yeah, they’re the ones,” Trump said. “You’re right about that.”

Putin, known for being a master manipulator, knew to appeal to President Baby’s vanity and pathological hunger for praise and validation from the press.

Putin clearly knew what he was doing as the planned half-hour meeting ended up lasting over two and a half hours. First Lady Melania Trump was sent in to break it up when the meeting hit the hour mark, but to no avail. “There was just such a level of engagement and exchange,” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, “neither one of them wanted to stop.”

The two apparently got along so famously that initial reports stated Trump accepted Putin’s denial regarding interfering with the election over evidence collected from U.S. intelligence agencies.

Cool. Can’t wait to see the friendship bracelets they make for each other.

[screen shot: RUPTLY]