Report: Even Trump’s lawyers think Jared Kushner is a snake

On Tuesday night, the New York Times published a report detailing all the chaos the First Fail Son Donald Trump Jr. is wreaking on the White House following his admission that he met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer offering oppo dirt on Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The meeting was also attended by Junior’s brother-in-law Jared Kushner, who now serves as adviser-in-law to the president.

In addition to the ethical and legal quandaries Kushner raised by failing to report the meeting during the background check required to give him security clearance, the president’s son-in-law is proving to be an area of concern for the lawyers Trump hired to defend him in the Russia probe. In short, Marc Kasowitz, who has represented Trump for years, doesn’t trust Kushner as far as he can throw him.

From NYT:

Mr. Kasowitz and his colleagues have complained that Mr. Kushner has been whispering in the president’s ear about the Russia investigations and stories while keeping the lawyers out of the loop, according to another person familiar with the legal team. The president’s lawyers view Mr. Kushner as an obstacle and freelancer more concerned about protecting himself than his father-in-law, the person said. While no ultimatum has been delivered, the lawyers have told colleagues that they cannot keep operating that way, raising the prospect that Mr. Kasowitz may resign.

Kasowitz’s gripe over Kushner’s mercenary tendencies may be moot because the president is reportedly displeased with his long-time attorney’s inability to make the Russia story go away.

Granted, Kasowitz is a lawyer, not a magician.

It’s worth pointing out that three sources within the White House initially confirmed the content of Junior’s emails to the NY Times. Although Kushner attended the meeting with the Russian lawyer, did he leak the story to set up the Trump family Fredo to take the fall for the campaign’s collusion with Moscow during the election?

I’m just asking questions.

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