Marines post photo of unconscious nude woman to secret Facebook group

In March, a Facebook group called “Marines United” was exposed for sharing revenge porn photos of unwitting female soldiers. Since then, Marines who are hellbent on sharing nude pics of women without their permission have started splinter social media groups for the express purpose of distributing photos, one of which depicts a naked, unconscious woman.

The Daily Beast uncovered the closed Marines Facebook group “Mike Uniform,” which included a Dropbox drive titled “Girls of MU.” The cache contained thousands of photos and homemade videos of women performing sex acts, including a woman in a Marines uniform performing oral sex on someone. The group was comprised of 1,800 members before it was disabled for unknown reasons on Monday.

The most disturbing of the trove entails the explicit photo of a woman who appears to be passed out.

The photo of the unconscious woman, like most of the videos in the new drive, was not posted in the original shared drives on the nude-photo-sharing Facebook page Marines United, nor on its descendant groups.The woman was photographed by a man whose reflection is visible in a mirror, though his face is unclear.

Screenshots from the group still exist.

“MU was created to give our Brothers a venue to come together without fear of censure or reprisal,” The group’s description read. “MU is where we can post what we want, about whatever the fuck we want. If you are here, you were invited.”

One of the Marines who was apparently invited tipped off The Daily Beast about the Dropbox drive on Sunday. The drive belongs to a former Marine corporal named Chad Baumes who claims that his Facebook account was hacked.

Baumes sent The Daily Beast screenshots of messages he said were from his friends, who wrote to him, “I know you’re not dumb enough to be posting that fuckin’ dropbox in the feed,” and “Bro, some crazy shit going on with your profile. I think you have been hacked because you’re postin up all sorts of shit that doesn’t make sense.”

The senders and timestamps were cropped out of the images Baumes sent.
Facebook said they are still “digging into the issue and don’t have an answer yet” on Baumes’ claim he was hacked.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) said that it is investigating the latest batch of Marine revenge porn.

“The Marine Corps, with the support of NCIS, continues to identify, investigate, and hold accountable those who violate our policies and standards,” an NCIS rep said. “We take all allegations of misconduct seriously. Disrespect, in any form, will not be tolerated.”

So far, only one person has been courtmartialed over sharing revenge porn of other Marines and was sentenced to just 10 days in the brig, a demotion in rank, and a salary cut.

[screen shot via Facebook]