Trump’s lawyers tell Kushner to shut the fuck up about Russia

Donald Trump loves Jared Kushner more than at least two of his actual children, so it wasn’t surprising to learn on Tuesday that the president is bristling at attempts by his lawyers to curb communication with Kush, whom the legal team considers a snake. Amid reports that 45’s longtime attorney Marc Kasowitz may resign over the disagreement, Trump’s outside counsel is forcing the issue, Axios reports, by ordering Jared to promise not to discuss anything related to the Russia investigation with his father-in-law.

Per Axios:

  • Members of Trump’s legal team — which is led by longtime Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz, and includes conservative legal firebrand Jay Sekulow — are trying to cloak their startling demand with the two-word message to Kushner: Nothing personal.
  • The team contends that it isn’t out to get Kushner, but just wants to protect the president because his son-in-law is so wrapped up in the investigation. He had three meetings with Russians that special counsel Bob Mueller is sure to investigate.

It must be tough for the president to not be able to complain about the situation to his most trusted adviser, but this seems like obvious legal advice. The easiest way Trump gets out of this shit scot-free is by maintaining plausible deniability, so it’s probably best to don earmuffs every time one of the people explicitly under investigation tries to talk about it.

Axios writes that “the mechanics of the wall are unclear” and that Kushner hasn’t yet agreed to the terms, meaning that this leak is almost definitely an attempt by Kasowitz and company to apply public pressure on Jared and Boss Baby. We can only hope these star-crossed lovers ignore what’s in their best interest.


[Axios | photo: Getty]