Trump tries to yank Brigitte Macron’s arm out of her damn socket

President Trump arrived in France on Thursday and employed his trademark struggle for dominance handshake. The glad-handing between French President Emmanuel Macron and Trump ended in a draw, with the typical bro back pats and tug of war-style hand clasp that never leaves the middle ground between the two world leaders.

This isn’t Macron’s first handshake rodeo.

Trump didn’t dominate the handshake showdown with the president, so he seemingly took the aggression out on France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron. Notice how after the double-kiss greeting, Trump grips her hand and pulls her whole damn arm towards him. Twice.

There’s gotta be a way to prove you’re not a beta without yanking a woman’s arm out of her socket.

[Screen shot: NBC News]