Corey Lewandowski caught lying about Trump’s whereabouts the day of Don Jr’s meeting

In his endless quest to become President Trump’s Doug Stamper, shameless lackey and ousted Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski defended his former boss to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd following the revelation that Donald Trump Jr. held a shady meeting with Russian operatives on June 9, 2016.

“What I do remember on that particular day was that was a day that Donald Trump was doing a rally in the state of Florida,” said Lewandowski, “so I traveled with the president that day.”

Oh if only that were true, Corey. Flash back to news headlines from June 9, 2016 and ABC News places Trump in attendance at a fundraising lunch at The Four Seasons hotel, which, coincidentally enough, is a mere block and a half away from Trump Tower.


Added to which, CNN’s Friday report on the latest developments on the 6/9/16 meet puts several individuals in that room, including that of a former Soviet intelligence agent and a Russian translator. In addition, “there were other people in the room as well,” CNN reported, but their source “could not provide the names.”

Whoever else it was, they couldn’t have been in Florida. Just sayin’.

[Screenshot: MSNBC]