Trump admin considering making it easier for DHS to expedite deportations

The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would grant the Department of Homeland Security expanded to power to expedite the deportation of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

a 13-page memo obtained by the Washington Post suggests allowing DHS to deport any undocumented immigrant anywhere in the U.S. who cannot prove they’ve been living in the country continuously for 30 days without having to go through immigration courts. Under current policy, DHS can only skip immigration courts for undocumented immigrants arrested within 100 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border who have been in the country fewer than 14 days. Neither policy applies to unaccompanied minors.

DHS is currently reviewing the proposal, but no official decision has been made yet.

“The potential changes would allow DHS to more efficiently use resources to remove persons who have been illegally present for relatively brief periods of time while still observing due-process requirements,” DHS spokeswoman Joanne Talbot told WaPo.

Immigrants who fear for their personal safety would still be entitled to an interview with an asylum officer, who would then be able to refer to them to an immigration judge if a threat of torture or persecution is found to be credible. Immigration activists claim that border patrol and DHS do not always comply with this requirement however, and fear it would only be made worse by expanding DHS’s power to expedite deportations.

The move would be another in a series of crackdowns on illegal immigration by the Trump administration. Trump’s presidency began with a wave of ICE raids and since then both he and the Justice Department have openly threatened sanctuary cities.

“Anyone who is surprised that the administration is considering lawfully expanding the use of expedited removal has not been paying attention,” Talbot also told WaPo. “The expansion you describe is explicitly allowed.”

[Washington Post | Photo: Getty]