Trump has lowest six-month approval rating in 70 years

Half a year into his presidency and Donald Trump is still wildly unpopular with the majority of the country. He is in fact historically unpopular, as a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll puts him as the least popular president over their first six months in the last 70 years, meaning he is the least popular president in his own lifetime thus far. Congrats.

Here’s a fun chart!


Trump has a solid 36 percent approval rating, three points below previous record-holder Gerlad Ford. Trump’s approval rating has gone down a whopping six point since the 100-day mark of his presidency, and a good portion of that seems to come from the Russia scandal. From ABC News:

Sixty-three percent in this poll, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, say it was inappropriate for Trump’s son, son-in-law and campaign manager to have met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign. Six in 10 also think Russia tried to influence the campaign, and among those who say so, 67 percent think Trump aides helped, similar to results in April.

On top of that, most people think he’s doing a shit job on healthcare, as 66 percent of the country prefers Obamacare to the nightmare bills the GOP has proposed over the last few months. Not a great data point for a party that rallied its base around ACA repeal for the last seven years.

If you’re wondering whether Trump has seen these numbers, of course he has.

“The ABC/Washington Post Poll, even though almost 40% is not bad at this time, was just about the most inaccurate poll around election time!” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

A few things about this tweet. The ABC/Washington Post polls were actually fairly accurate during the election. Thirty-six is not “almost 40,” and it is definitely bad, no matter what time it is. Again, this is the worst approval rating at this time for any president in 70 years. There is no simpler word to describe that than “bad.”

Trump is trying to paint this poll as unreliable but as we know, he just reflexively calls all negative coverage fake. Deep down he seems to realize these numbers are legit, otherwise he wouldn’t hedge his message to say “uh but also even though it’s fake it’s totally a good thing anyway.”

Pretty cool that a historically unpopular president is poised to enact a staggeringly unpopular healthcare bill and kill a bunch of people.

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