Trump’s approval down in counties he flipped during election

More disappointing numbers for President Trump, as an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday shows the commander-in-chief losing support in counties he flipped red last November. Trump holds a 46 percent approval rating in these counties, which he’d won by an overall percentage margin of 51-43. The poll also looked at “surge” counties — places where Trump bested Mitt Romney’s performance against President Obama in 2012 — which Trump won by an overall 65 (over 29) percent. His approval in those counties stands at 56 percent. Taken together, these 439 counties drove Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, and only 50 percent of the people now like him.

It’s certainly not as dismal as the ABC/Washington Post poll from over the weekend that showed Trump at an overall 36 percent approval rating — the lowest of any president six months into their tenure in 70 years. But still, think about it. These are the places where people like Trump, and only half the people like him.

In Iowa, another place Trump was able to flip, a majority of people now disapprove of the job Trump is doing, with 43 percent of the state approving and 52 percent disapproving. Approximately 56 percent of the state’s residents say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Trump, for his part, has responded to people’s opinions on his shitty performance by tweeting that they are both fake and not that bad, actually.

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