Trump, pretending to be a fireman: ‘Where’s the fire?’

Donald Trump kicked off the White House’s “Made in America” week on Monday by climbing back behind the wheel of a big ol’ truck. This time it was a fire engine, and the president could barely contain his excitement.


“Where’s the fire?” Trump asks Mike Pence while cozying into the driver’s seat. Then, making sure photographers heard the joke, he says louder, “Where’s the fire? Put it out fast!”

You know how firemen are, always asking the location of the fire.

The exchange took place after still-living press secretary Sean Spicer spent Monday’s off-camera press briefing lying about Donald Jr.’s meeting and dodging questions about why Trump family companies use non-American labor. President Big Boy jacked off service vehicles on Monday to launch a week devoted to promoting American manufacturing, so reporters wondered whether the first family planned to stop shipping its operations overseas. Spicer said it was “not appropriate” to comment on the subject.

[screenshot: CSPAN]