Trump misses John McCain’s ‘crusty voice in Washington’

During President Trump’s public remarks regarding “Made in America week,” the commander-in-chief took a moment to wish Senator John McCain a quick recovery from surgery. Mitch McConnell delayed the vote on the massively unpopular Obamacare repeal bill so that McCain could recover from emergency blood clot surgery he received via health coverage paid for by taxpayers.

“We hope John McCain gets better very soon,” Trump said,”because we miss him. He’s a crusty voice in Washington. Plus, we need his vote.”

The irony that the president is wishing McCain a swift recovery so that he can vote to remove healthcare protections for poor, elderly, and disabled people seems entirely lost on Trump and the beaming sycophant standing behind the president.

With McCain out of commission, the GOP doesn’t have the votes to push the disastrous healthcare bill to the floor to even debate the motion to proceed. If one GOP senator withdraws support, the legislation pretty much dies.

Anyway, take your time getting well, McCain. No need to hurry back.

[Screengrab: CBS News]