Trump calls immigrants ‘animals’ who ‘slice and dice’ teenage girls

At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday night, Donald Trump summoned a new level of evil. The president ran through all his favorite applause lines — bragging about winning the electoral college, criticizing “fake news,” making fun of protesters escorted out by police, touting coal mining jobs — before turning to his basest instincts in an unhinged rant against immigrants that frankly, after developing what I thought was an incapacity for shock at this demented grandpa’s racist bullshit, still has me shaking in anger and fear. There’s really nothing to say other than to request you bear witness to just how violent Trump’s rhetoric toward Latinx American has become.

The segment of the speech began with Trump boasting about his administration’s deportation policy being “rough” rather than politically correct. The president framed these tactics as “liberating towns and cities” from violent and criminal gangs.


He continued with this bit that refers to immigrants as “animals” who “poison our communities with drugs and prey on innocent young people.” They “slice ‘em and dice ‘em with a knife because they want them to go through excruciating pain before they die,” Trump said.

I could show you the part of the rally when Trump said he wanted to be added to Mount Rushmore, or the part where he asked whether anybody knows “who the hell” William McKinley is, or the part where he lied about America having the highest taxes in the world, or the part where he said he could be more “presidential” than any president other than Abraham Lincoln, but none of that feels like it matters right now.

Democrats have chosen to focus on the Russia investigation and the health care fight at the expense of firmly opposing the White House’s aggressive anti-immigration policies that Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III continues to pursue in what may be his final weeks on the job, and it’s tough to believe that mass deportation and anti-immigrant violence won’t continue escalating unimpeded. America elected a candidate who called Mexicans rapists after decades of failure to reform inhumane border and citizenship policies and this is what we’ve wrought.

You can watch the full speech below, I guess.

[Screenshot: ABC News]