Gorka drives a Mustang with an ‘Art of War’ vanity plate

If the Trump administration were a television show, Sebastian Gorka would be deemed too over the top to be realistic. Sure, as a writer, you want audiences to be invested in the characters you create, but Gorka would be like playing to the lowest common denominator. He’s a Poochie. Actually, Gorka wishes he was a Poochie. Gorka doesn’t understand that Poochie is lame, or why he’s lame.

Case in point: Gorka drives a black Mustang with a personalized “Art of War” license plate.

Of course, we can’t see who is behind the wheel of that mid-life crisis, and Josh Kraushaar is the politics editor at the National Journal, so this could all just be very fake news. But we do know that Gorka does in fact drive a Mustang, based on this Washington Examiner article from April that quoted one White House aide listing Gorka’s duties in the administration as “giving White House tours and peeling out in his Mustang.”

An “Art of War” license plate is also completely on brand for Gorka. We know he loves posturing, both in general and about his alleged combat history. He’d also be doofy enough to pay real money to put the title of an ancient Chinese military treatise on a vanity plate. Just look at this very real graph from his “dissertation” from Corvinus University in Budapest:


Jesus, Gorka. We hope you never leave.

[photo: Getty]

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