Rand Paul Stomper Demands Apology From Victim

Tim Profitt, the admitted head stomper, blames police for the incident and wants an apology from MoveOn activist Lauren Valle.

Rand Paul Stomper Demands Apology From Victim

In what seemed to be a senseless act of violence is now getting more bizarre by the minute.

In a recent television interview, the former Bourbon county coordinator tells his side of the night’s events, blaming his back and police. “I put my foot on her and told her to stay down. I actually put my foot on her because I couldn’t bend down, because I have issues with my back.”

Lexington police have opened an assault investigation targeting Profitt. “I’ll just say it. If the police had done what they were supposed to do this would have never happened,” Profitt told reporters.

Profitt blames Valle for initiating the incident—a claim that actually does have some merit.

Moveon.org gave instructions to members to stage a stunt that would attract media attention. Valle tried to place a sticker on Paul when supporters took her down. Profit claims hey believed Paul may be in harm and acted to protect the candidate.

Profitt’s use of force was extreme. Though, had Valle taken a run at Paul with a knife or gun or blunt object in her hand, Profitt would have probably gotten a promotion. Anyone taking a run at a high profile senatorial candidate should expect some use of force.

Valle was recently released from the hospital after reportedly suffering a concussion—which sounds suspect. Had Valle suffered a legitimate concussion she would not likely be able to give television interviews after the incident. Valle was tackled to the ground after lunging at Paul—if she suffered a concussion then every kid who plays pickup football at the park has also probably suffered a concussion.

Valle is getting her fifteen minutes—playing a martyr or someone legitimately wronged is up for public opinion.

When asked if he would apologize to Valle, Profitt responded, “I would like for her to apologize to me, to be honest with you.”