Total Slacker Releases Video For ‘Crystal Necklace’

Brooklyn’s Total Slacker have released their first music video for “Crystal Necklace” and it’s full of crystals, necklaces, and other imagery.

Total Slacker Releases Video For 'Crystal Necklace'

The video debuted on Pitchfork, and is a well-shot low budget freak out directed by Matthew Caron. It features all sorts of fun things including the ghost from Pac-man (I believe it’s Blinky), as well as a ghost made out of a tropical bed sheet and sunglasses haunting some poor girl. Once you add lead singer Tucker Rountree’s signature bowl cut and a My Little Pony attached to the head stock of his guitar, and you’ve got yourself some entertainment.

If fan videos are more your thing, there’s also one courtesy of some bored, and presumably drunk or stoned, college kids in their dorm room. I’d recommend checking out both.

The “Crystal Necklace” seven-inch is out now on Impose Records.