Anti-migrant alt-right chodes stranded at sea refuse help from refugee rescue ship

A group of young European alt-right chodes belonging to an extreme right wing organization calling itself Generation Identity set out on a mission named “Defend Europe” which entailed sailing the Mediterranean to block refugees from entering the continent from North Africa. Defend Europe’s ship, the C-Star, stalled out near the coast of Libya and refused rescue by the German NGO Sea-Eye, an organization dedicated to helping migrants and refugees who find themselves in distress while crossing the Mediterranean.
According to the Guardian, the NGO was contacted by Operation Sophia, the EU naval anti-human trafficking and smuggling operation which often assists refugees stranded in open waters.

“Since our vessel the Sea-Eye is closest to the C-Star,” the NGO said in a German language statement shared on Facebook, “we were instructed by the maritime rescue coordination centre in Rome, the emergency service for the western Mediterranean, to go to its aid.”

The workers manning the boat didn’t think twice about rescuing a bunch of alt-right creeps who meant to do harm to the vulnerable people the Sea-Eye swore to protect.

From the Guardian:

Michael Buschheuer, the founder of the Regensburg-based aid organisation, which operates two rescue vessels active in the Mediterranean since early 2016, said it was the duty of anyone at sea “to help those in distress, irrespective of their origin, colour, religion or beliefs”.

Reuters reported that the Defend Europe crew ultimately refused the Sea-Eye’s help.

The Identitarian group running C-star, however, denied on Twitter that the vessel was in distress but said it had alerted other vessels because its main engine had stopped due to “a minor technical problem”.

Once the Sea-Eye arrived, the C-Star refused assistance, Sea-Eye’s Buschheuer told Reuters by telephone.

“We had radio contact. They said they don’t need or want our help,” Buschheuer said.

What a bunch of babies.

Leave it to a bunch of alt-right tough guys to totally downplay a stalled ship after sending out a distress signal.

[Screengrab: Defend Europe YouTube]