Trump on whether we’re going to war: ‘I think you know the answer to that’

The president confirmed he has no idea where he’s headed in this whole dick-measuring contest with North Korea on Friday by pretending the answers to frantic questions about said nuclear gamesmanship were so obvious that he didn’t need to answer them.


“A lot of Americans are on edge with this rhetoric going back and forth with us and North Korea,” one reporter asked. “What can you tell them?”

“You know what I can say? Hopefully it’ll all work out. Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump. Hopefully it’ll all work out,” the guy who dropped the “mother of all bombs” said. “We think that lots of good things could happen and we could also have a bad solution. But we think lots of good things could happen.”

Good things, the best things. But also potentially bad things.

“What would be a bad solution?” a reporter asked.

“I think you know the answer to that,” Trump said.

“Tell us more, Mr. President, please,” another reporter begged. “When you say bad solution, are you talking about war? Is the U.S. gonna go to war?”

“I think you know the answer to that,” Trump said.

So, yeah. You got that? The president is so incapable of understanding and articulating diplomacy beyond generic threats of violence that he’s resorted to winking and smiling. Considering White House officials have told us not to take seriously the president’s more specific foreign policy statements, these non-answers are basically the same shit and probably much safer to global security.

Is Trump’s brain made of ketchup? I think you know the answer to that.

[h/t: Kyle | screenshot: ABC News]