SNL reinstates writer suspended for owning Barron Trump

Three-year “Saturday Night Live” vet Katie Rich returned to the show’s writing credits during Thursday night’s Weekend Update special after being suspended in January for owning Barron Trump on Twitter.

Rich was pulled from the writing staff indefinitely after receiving criticism for joking that the president’s youngest son (that we know of) “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” In response to the tweet, tens of thousands of people signed a petition demanding her termination and POTUS called Rich “terrible”and a “disgrace.” Rich apologized and deleted the joke.


As far as anyone knows, Barron is not on Twitter and may never have seen the tweet if not for the public outrage. Maybe there’s an argument that it’s insensitive to write punchlines about school massacres enabled by gun laws enacted by the party led by Barron’s father, but most people performed offense over the fact that a comedian made fun of a child, whom Rich was clearly arguing (sympathetically in the eyes of this blogger) is at risk of being mentally fucked up by his senile absentee dad. In any case, there was no reason to discipline her beyond shameless prostration to this first amendment-averse White House.

I can see why people were upset, though. The ten-year-old attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School at the time, not a homeschool. Fake news is a real problem that we should all take seriously.

[h/t: Splitsider | photo: Getty]