OKCupid bans crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell for life

After talking tough and showing off his multiple firearms for a Vice News report on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell is not having a good week. His latest humiliation involves getting publicly dismissed from dating site OkCupid.

The site made the announcement via tweet.

In 2014, Cantrell opined about online dating for his personal blog in a post titled “8 Online Dating Tips, for the Ladies.”

Here’s an excerpt:

5. In a photo of you and a friend, I assume you are the ugly one
You’re not fooling anybody by posting that selfie of you and your hot friend. You are the ugly one, 100% of the time, and anybody who doesn’t realize that is an idiot who you probably wouldn’t want to date.

I know, I can’t believe he’s single either.

One of Cantrell’s prior humiliations involves weeping like a baby in a Facebook video after participating in a neo-Nazi rally that ended up killing a counter-protester who showed up to oppose hatred.

[screenshot, courtesy of crying Nazi slapdick]