Unite the Right organizer’s Twitter account vanishes after tweet celebrating murder of Heather Heyer

The organizer of the Unite the Right rally, pictured above being chased out of Charlottesville, Virginia by protesters, deleted several tweets from Friday night, including one that that called Heather Heyer’s death “payback” for communism, before his account disappeared completely Saturday.

“Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time,” Jason Kessler said in a since-deleted tweet that then linked to neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer.

Heather Heyer was murdered at the Unite the Right rally Kessler organized last Saturday when a neo-Nazi drove his car through a crowd of counterprotesters. Nineteen others were injured in the attack.

White supremacists who like to pretend they are a kinder, gentler form of racist like Richard Spencer and Baked Alaska denounced Kessler on Twitter, but they’re not fooling anybody.

Kessler, as most people who fuck up on Twitter tend to do, initially cried hack.

“I was hacked last night,” he tweeted. “I apologize for the tweet sent out from my account last night.” That tweet has been deleted as well, but Gizmodo grabbed a screenshot before it disappeared.


White supremacist hacker Andrew Auernheimer, aka Weev, claimed he was responsible for the hack about two hours later on the social media site Gab.


Saturday morning, Kessler reversed tactics and admitted that he posted the original tweet himself, but blamed it all on stress, death threats, booze, and medication.

1/2 I repudiate the heinous tweet that was sent from my account last night. I’ve been under a crushing amount of stress & death threats. 2/2 I’m taking ambien, xanax and I had been drinking last night. I sometimes wake up having done strange things I don’t remember.


Shortly after posting those tweets, Kessler’s entire account disappeared.

[h/t Gizmodo]