‘Free speech’ rally outnumbered by thousands of protesters in Boston

After one person was murdered by a neo-Nazi at the Unite the Right in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday, the residents of Boston weren’t taking any chances with the planned “free speech” rally at Boston Common on Saturday. Thousands of protesters showed up to voice opposition to white supremacy, dwarfing the number of “free speech” rally-goers.

While organizers of the rally have tried to distance themselves from the groups who showed up in Charlottesville, this Washington Post passage explaining who is expected to take part in the Boston rally is telling:

Still expected to speak at the rally are Joe Biggs, formerly a writer for the conspiracy-theory website Infowars, and Kyle Chapman, a far-right activist charged with beating counter-demonstrators with a wooden pole during a clash at Berkeley earlier this year. Members of the Ku Klux Klan told the Boston Herald that they expect several of their members to attend.

In a stunning rebuke of Tina Fey’s advice, folks in Boston did not stay home, eat sheet cake, and “let these morons scream into the empty air.” Instead, they came out in force and screamed right back, drowning out the small gathering entirely.

Protesters gathered in the park and surrounded fewer than 100 rally-goers. Police estimate the number of protesters to be somewhere around 15,000, according to ABC News.

UPDATE: Other estimates put the number of “free speech” attendees at only 50-60 and as few as 20.

[Photo: Getty]