Trump on Bannon: ‘Who the fuck does this guy think he is?’

Trump ousted Steve Bannon on Friday after several months of the chief strategist getting cucked at pretty much every turn. By pretty much all accounts, the admin was divided into two factions and the Bannon wing rarely won any victories against their rivals. That didn’t stop the former and now once again Breitbart editor from boasting nonstop, which obviously got under Trump’s skin after awhile.

“Who the fuck does this guy think he is?” Trump was wondering aloud towards the end of Bannon’s tenure, according to Axios.

Well, apparently he fancied himself some sort of mastermind, which is odd considering he got outflanked by people with colorful maps. It was Bannon who was pushing for Trump to completely withdraw from NAFTA, but the secretary of agriculture just dangled Trump’s favorite prop, the electoral map in front of POTUS’ face. Trump saw that the red parts liked NAFTA so Bannon’s idea was scrapped.

Trump also couldn’t have been pleased with Bannon’s interview with American Prospect, during which the rapidly decaying skin sack completely undercut Trump’s entire position on North Korea, admitting it would make no sense for the U.S. to attack. It was actually one of the more level-headed and accurate points Bannon’s made, but it still directly contradicted a man who does not like being told no. If that doesn’t warrant a “who the fuck does this guy think he is?” I don’t know what would.

Trump also never cared for members of his administration becoming more famous than him also. That was the whole idea behind that #PresidentBannon campaign a few months (I know, it feels like a decade) ago. Some people figured if Trump truly believed everyone thought it was Bannon actually pulling the strings, he would fire him out of jealousy.

Seems more like Bannon was pushed out over pure incompetence, though.

[Axios | Photo: Getty]