Sebastian Gorka spent the weekend doxxing a blogger

Sebastian Gorka cleverly avoided John Kelly’s ax on Friday by going on “vacation.” One of the ways the president’s deputy assistant spent his hard-earned time off was sharing my phone number with his followers.

Gorka is very upset that we posted his 18-year-old son/sous chef Paul’s environmental film, “Bottling Up the Plastic,” which is publicly listed on YouTube.

“Call him during work hours to tell him whether the children of someone you politically disagree with can ever be the legitimate targets for attacks by the politically motivated gutter-press,” Gorka wrote on Facebook and in a message sent to a list of email contacts.

I received phone calls, emails, and DMs all weekend telling me I’m a child stalker with no respect for the journalistic profession.


On Wednesday, the same day we shared Gorka’s son’s mini-doc about Nestlé’s plastic bottling plant in Sacramento and the national security problems foreboded by the water crisis, the National Park Service ended a six-year ban on selling bottled water at parks. The announcement came three weeks after the Senate confirmed former Nestlé Waters lobbyist David Bernhardt as deputy interior secretary.

Gorka has not responded to our request for comment on whether he supported the Interior Department’s decision or how his vacation went. We still don’t know who was texting his wife. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not responded to a request for comment on whether the White House condones officials publicly sharing journalist’s personal contact information.

I guess we did answer the chief of staff’s question about “what Gorka does,” though.

[photo: Getty]