Fox News’s Shep Smith was delightfully bitchy while covering the eclipse

Fox News isn’t always a televised shit geyser of racist propaganda. I mean, it’s mostly a televised shit geyser of racist propaganda, but sometimes genuinely entertaining things happen. One of those bright spots involves Shep Smith taking the piss when covering Monday’s solar eclipse.

One of the best part of the supercut involves Smith being delightfully bitchy when teasing the other news networks. “This is where we watch all four of the cable networks,” Smith said while pointing to monitors. “We don’t count CNBC…Over on MSNBC it’s just sort of dark and vacant. You know?”

Smith also delved into prop comedy with his computer mouse and iPhone.

“If I put this [mouse] here, and my phone here,” Smith said, while playing with his toys, “I have a total eclipse of the phone.”

At least someone is having fun over there.

[Screenshot: Fox News]