Women in mini-skirts: The photo that convinced Trump to keep troops in Afghanistan

It’s hardly a secret that the president of the United States likes to grab women by the pussy. But could the horny old bastard be letting the shriveled little carrot that dangles between his legs have a say in his military strategy? Unless he and Billy Bush are planning another get-together, it’s hard to answer that definitively. But what we do know, courtesy of The Washington Post, is that being shown a photo of women in mini-skirts was one of the ways national security adviser H.R. McMaster convinced the president to send more troops to Afghanistan. This photo:

Trump — who has long criticized the war in Afghanistan as “a total disaster” and waste of money — didn’t come to his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan easily. According to WaPo:

Trump’s private deliberations — detailed in interviews with more than a dozen senior administration officials and outside allies — revealed a president un­attached to any particular foreign-policy doctrine, but willing to be persuaded as long as he could be seen as a strong and decisive leader.

“This has been many months in the making,” said Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president. “The hallmark of leadership is a deliberative process, not an impulsive reaction, and that is precisely the protocol he followed here.”

Part of that listening included hearing out the military about sharing the burden in the region and getting Pakistan more involved in managing the war.

It also included checking out some fine-looking Afghan ladies sporting some very ’70s outfits. It was a brilliant play on the part of McMaster, whose official reason for showing #45 that very photo was to prove to him that Kabul is ripe to embrace the kind of Jeffersonian democracy that Trump could leave as his legacy. That it featured a trio of long-legged women was just an added bonus — but something tells us that it was hardly just by happenstance.

Well-played, Mr. Security Adviser. You’ve clearly been paying attention.

[Photo: AP]