Trump to mostly empty Phoenix convention center: ‘What a crowd’

One need look no further than Tuesday’s rally at the Phoenix Convention Center for verifiable proof Donald Trump sustained permanent eye damage from literally staring at the sun sans eye protection during yesterday’s eclipse. “What a crowd. What a crowd,” President Size Queen uttered as he took the podium. He then proceeded to say there were few a protesters outside the venue’s doors, which is a load of bullshit.

But the Donald can’t see through walls so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. After pleading to the fire marshall to let in more people despite saying the venue was already effectively at capacity, Trump said attendance was on par with his campaign-making rally two years ago that effectively put his bid for the presidency into overdrive.

It’s, uh, not.

Trump’s billion-dimension Candyland led to him accusing the media of failing to pan out and show the true size of his nonexistent crowd. It’s a strategy he’s employed countless times to effectively sidestep his poor concept of spacial relation. The president wasn’t without help to spread his disinformation campaign.

An image circulating prior to the rally pointing to the tremendous crowds gathered in Phoenix turned out to be a shot from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade. Apparently Trump supporters are so tired of winning they can’t even muster the energy to find a real image from this pointless rally.

[Screenshot: PBS NewsHour]