Watch Trump say ‘antifa!’ to the tune of ‘Tequila!’

Donald Trump held a campaign rally to a mostly empty Phoenix Convention Center yesterday, because the only things he can actually do are hold rallies, come up with nicknames and declare bankruptcy. He slammed the media, talked nonsense and used professional wrestling style tactics to bait supporters into believing CNN, which was covering the rally live, was not covering the rally at all. He also said the real threat to America was the criticism he faced after his comments on Charlottesville, not the actual white supremacists marching in Charlottesville.

During one particularly rambly part of the rally, however, Trump pivots to talking about the large number of protesters outside, describing them all as having masks and clubs, before shouting out “ANTIFA!” which is definitely a word he just learned about two weeks ago. In response, someone set that to the tune of The Champs’ “Tequila,” and it matches up pretty wonderfully:

It’s the best use of the song since Pee-wee, though the latter is a better dancer and probably would make a better president (at least we know he supports biking infrastructure):

[Photo: Getty]