An encyclopedic timeline of Donald Trump’s racist history

President Trump’s kind words toward a rally of neo-Nazis — one of whom murdered a woman by running her over with his car — didn’t just appear out of the blue. The commander-in-chief has a long, sordid history with racism, dating back long before he descended his gilded elevator and announced, if elected, he would once and for all do something about all the Mexican rapists illegally crossing our southern border.

PBS NewsHour undertook the unenviable task of combing through news archives, social media, and magazine interviews to catalogue a pretty comprehensive list of Trump’s racist comments and actions throughout the years he’s been in the public eye. While the public television network charitably presents it as a “complicated” history with moments that “landed on both sides of racial currents,” it’s clear that he’s never been a crusader of tolerance.

Out of nearly 100 entries, there is only a handful of examples in which Trump comes off favorably. They include his criticism of a whites-only club in 1990, his opening of a racially inclusive club, and after much prodding, his disavowal of David Duke. In other words, just basic things that should be expected any decent member of society.

Compare that to some of the other entries:


And that’s just a small slice of the pie. There’s a ton more, including a few we didn’t catch ourselves covering the rise of America’s Next Top Nazi (we’re surprised too!). View the full timeline at PBS.

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