Steve Mnuchin and his terrible wife watched the solar eclipse from atop Fort Knox

While the rest of us took five minutes away from our day jobs on Monday to walk outside and look up at the solar eclipse with a cereal box stuck to our faces, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and his label whore wife Louise Linton were recreating what could have been an episode of “DuckTales.” While in Kentucky on “business” that same day, the “couple” just “happened” to find themselves at Fort Knox, just outside the path of totality. So like any two people using government money to get a better view of a celestial event, they went up to the roof, put on their likely-designer eclipse glasses, planted their asses atop the $200 billion U.S. gold reserve and looked up. Awww, how adorable!

It was a memorable day for the Mnuchins: not only did they get to witness the solar eclipse from one of the best vantage points in America, but Linton also managed to nab some of those headlines she clearly so desperately craves when she showed herself to be an absolute monster by bragging about her designer getup on Instagram, then attacking a woman who dared to suggest that such behavior was in poor taste, especially when we’re the ones footing the bill. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a nonprofit that investigates governmental abuse of power, has already submitted an expedited request for copies of all records regarding the Mnuchins’ trip to Kentucky, suggesting it was all a ruse to get a better view of the eclipse — a charge the Treasury Department denies.

On Thursday night, The Washington Post reported that Treasury officials are confirming that the trip in question was “official government travel” and that their Fort Knox luncheon had originally been planned for earlier in the month, but had to be rescheduled when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell postponed the Senate’s recess. (Alison Brotzge-Elder, a spokesperson for the Louisville Chamber of Commerce confirmed the Treasury’s account.)

In case you’re wondering: Yep, Mitch was there, too — and even posted a photo to his Facebook page of himself and Mnuchin just outside the door of the United States Bullion Depository, right before they checked out the eclipse. (It’s worth noting that the photo got a fair amount of “Angry” responses.) When asked about the coincidence of being at Fort Knox on August 21, McConnell said it was just an added bonus and that “Kentucky was the best place to see it, hands down.”


Even if the meeting was legit, why Mnunchin had to use a government plane to get there — which WaPo says has a reimbursable rate of up to $10,000 an hour — and why his disgusting wife had to tag along are questions that still have yet to be answered. An anonymous Treasury representative swore to WaPo that Mnuchin “is reimbursing the government for Mrs. Linton’s travel, as is long-standing policy regarding civilians on military aircraft,” though the source declined to say who it was that approved his usage of a government plane.

This is what happens when you put the executive producer of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” in charge of our money.

[Photo: AP]