President Trump’s favorite website going for that end of month traffic grab

This week it was reported that among the many changes tough nanny General John Kelly has implemented since becoming White House chief of staff is to cut down on the number of incendiary fake news stories making their way to the president, requiring any article to be personally vetted by himself before it is printed out on 8.5 x 11 and handed to Trump. The idea is to minimize the likelihood of President Baby slowly sounding out a completely false headline to himself and taking to Twitter to fly off the handle about some bullshit that’s only going to cock up the administration’s agenda.

That means there’s a blanket ban on the president’s favorite website Infowars, as well as blog posts from dorm room floor pooper Chuck Johnson. That’s probably for the best, as Alex Jones — a man Trump has said has an “amazing” reputation — is currently promoting a video on his website’s home page alleging “final proof Michelle Obama is a man.”

We’re not going to embed the video because it’s stupid trash, and fortunately, most video hosting sites like YouTube agree, and they’re deleting it wherever they see it being posted. Jones has, however, posted his own video discussing the “evidence” it presents, which consists of a video of Joan Rivers from 2014 calling Michelle a transphobic slur and images of the former first lady where the crotch of her dress is rumpled.

“Now, I’m not saying that Michelle Obama is a tranny,” Jones states in the video. “And I don’t hate trannies, I’m a Libertarian, but we have famous photos of her where it appears she has a large bulge in her pants.”

Wow. Simply ironclad. You may recall that Jones has previously addressed that Joan Rivers clip, alleging that the first lady had the late comic murdered in retaliation. Kelly is likely thanking the Good Lord he implemented his fake news ban before this vid went live. Now, if he can only figure out a way to keep Trump’s Jew-hating supporters from tweeting it at him.

[screenshot: Infowars]