Crying Nazi Chris Cantwell used to be a ‘Libertarian comedian’

Crybaby Nazi Christopher Cantwell contains multitudes. Now we know him as the weeping Charlottesville white supremacist, but in 2011, the New Hampshire resident was trying to make it as a “libertarian comedian.”

The leather jacket and his stage presence makes me think he’s going for a Bill Hicks vibe. As opposed to the strapped, tough-talking version of him that appeared in the Vice News documentary, 2011 Cantwell looks to be in the 9th trimester of his beer baby pregnancy.

Wired’s Ashley Feinberg shared a clip where Cantwell shares his musings on the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street to lukewarm response. The biggest laugh he receives involves a joke drawing parallels to Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and Cantrell’s alcoholism.

Given the trajectory that Cantrell’s life took, maybe he should have stuck with comedy. Failing at comedy in backwoods New England has to be better than sitting in jail while facing several felony charges for participating in a rally comprised of domestic terrorists.

[h/t @ashleyfeinberg | Screengrab: Funny or Die]