Fox News fires Eric Bolling following dick pic allegations

One month after reporter Yashar Ali broke the story that Eric Bolling was accused by several colleagues of sending them unwanted dick pics, Fox News gave him the ax.

From Huffington Post:

News of the ouster comes after two HuffPost reports revealed a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Bolling, who co-hosts “The Specialists.” HuffPost’s report, which was based on 14 sources, revealed that at least three current and former Fox colleagues said they had received inappropriate text messages from Bolling, including photos of male genitalia.

Bolling allegedly creeped out one of his colleagues when he told her he liked fucking in his office surrounded by all of his Yankees jerseys. Sounds chill.

Bolling was suspended by Fox News pending an internal investigation when the allegations surfaced in August. He responded by slapping Ali with a $50 million defamation suit for exposing what many familiar with the Fox News environment consider to be an open secret.

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