Alex Jones calls awesome kid who owned his reporter a ‘hateful and stupid … thug woman’

The only good thing to happen in this week of our lord Mr. Chapo was a 13-year-old girl speaking truth to power by calling Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer a “fucking idiot” and flipping him the bird. Shroyer and Alex Jones responded, and they are NOT mad, got that?

“This girl obviously didn’t defeat me in any debate, but it’s just, the left is just literally lifting this girl up as a hero, and it’s just really sad to me,” Shroyer said on Thursday. “Then they’re making fun of me like, ‘Oh, Owen Shroyer was so shocked when he heard that.’ Yeah, that’s shocking! When a young child comes up to you and curses at you like a vitriolic petulant child that has no discipline, that’s shocking.”

Actually, Owen, I’m pretty sure the debate was whether you’re a fucking idiot, and the kid got the last word.

Jones ranted Friday about the indignity of the internet “stealing” Infowars content for their own dunking purposes:

All the people that hate us make money off of us, cutting little clips and editing them together of little kids coming up and cussing. And all the hateful left, they’re attacking because simultaneously they’ve stolen your identity, they’ve stolen you’re work, they’re making money off of you, and they’re pissed that you go out there and you’re a good-looking sharp guy and show their zombie hordes. So they’ve gotta project it back and go, it’s rockstar to have nine-year-old girls talking like they’re John Belushi on PCP. It’s great that they can’t talk. It’s great they’re dumb. It’s great that they’re stupid.

Then he speculated about the awesome kid’s age and impersonated a “thug.”

“Looks like about a nine, ten-year-old girl. She already acts basically just like some thug woman,” Jones said. “Ehh yeah, I got tattoos on my arms. Yeah. You know, I got, heh heh. How you doing, yeah. Run on ‘em.”

Shroyer responded by denying what prompted the girl to diss him in the first place.

“They say I said ‘man,'” he said. “I always say ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’ when I do these things.”

I dunno, man. Sounds like “man” to me:


[screenshot: Infowars]