Connecticut councilman resigns after constituents found out he’s a furry

Up until Thursday, Scott Chamberlain had a fulfilling personal and professional life. He served as a councilmember in New Milford, Connecticut and got down in a custom fur suit during his off hours. The latter pursuit was hidden from his constituents until they unearthed his profile. Chamberlain’s fursona is a fox named Gray Muzzle. Given his age, he’s also known as an elderfur.

Does that make him wiser than most who dare to don their fur suits? Probably not, since a quick Google search brought up a full profile listing his furry social media accounts.

Because Connecticut is also the Kinkshame State, New Milford residents immediately began rallying against Chamberlain and calling for his resignation. Mayor David Gronbach followed suit. Two hours later, Chamberlain said he’d be out of his office and back in his fur suit far away from council chambers by Monday.

The silver-fox-turned-literal-silver-fox maintains he was only interested in that furry life for innocent reasons. “It’s nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals,” Chamberlain said. The archived cache of his erotica and romantic furry fanfiction and his listing of sexual preferences beg to differ.

The Danbury News Times reveals that Chamberlain’s profile preferences lists him as being “tolerant” of rape. A prior archive also shows dude likes medical procedures, tolerates gangbands, but can’t get down to big beautiful women. What gives, dude?

Anyway, good luck to Gray Muzzle, who hopefully has a promising future of fox sex, fiction, and convention appearances on the horizon.

[NY Daily News | Photo: Getty]

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