Trump: Hurricane Irma has been great for the Coast Guard’s ‘brand’

President Trump spoke with the press outside the White House Sunday about his plans to visit Florida — not for his usual golf vacation at Mar-A-Lago, but to assess damage from Hurricane Irma (although I’m sure he’ll still find a way to squeeze in a round or two). After offering his astute analysis of the map of Florida he was shown in the Oval Office on Saturday, Trump sang the praise of the hurricane for giving the U.S. Coast Guard an opportunity to take home the “most improved” brand award.


“A group that really deserves tremendous credit is the United States Coast Guard,” Trump said. “What they’ve done, I mean, they’re going right into that… you never know. I mean when you go in there you don’t know if you’re going to come out. They are… they are really uh… If you talk about branding, no brand has improved more than the United States Coast Guard.”

I don’t think anyone was talking about branding, Mr. President, considering this is not the American Advertising Awards. Also not sure what the Coast Guard was doing so poorly before the hurricane that their “brand” needed improving? I understand you’re just trying to say something nice, but maybe next time hand the mic to Miss Texas. She knows how to talk a lot better than you do.

[screen shot: CBS]