Jim Carrey calls Fashion Week ‘meaningless’ in bizarre, magnificent red carpet rant

Former Riddler Jim Carrey went on a cryptic and bizarre rant of his own over the weekend during a red carpet interview at New York Fashion Week, telling E! News’ Catt Sadler how he considered the whole event to be basically bullshit. “There’s no meaning to any of this,” Carrey told Sadler at the outset of their interview. “I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could fucking come to and join and here I am.”

Carrey did, in fact, look like he wandered into the event with no clear purpose, perhaps as a way to distract himself from the horrors of real life happening right now, which, to be fair, is a very valid reason to leave the house. Most of us would just wander into a bar, though when you’re as famous as Jim Carrey I guess you can wander into a fashion week show and blow the whole thing up in an interview.

‘You’ve got to admit it’s completely meaningless,” Carrey said.

He scoffed at Sadler’s question about whether the party — Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS bash — showed that some of those icons can have a positive effect in society.

“Celebrating icons, that is just the lowest aiming possibility we can come up with,” Carrey responded.

Carrey branches out from their to the realms of the deeply transcendental, talking about how none of this world is actually real and “we don’t matter.” At one point he injects a few lyrics from James Brown’s “Get On the Good Foot” for no apparent reason.

“I don’t believe that you exist but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air,” he tells Sadler, who tries her best to make sense of the interview.

Fashion Week is indeed meaningless, so while Jim Carrey may be wrong about vaccines causing autism, he’s at least right about this one.

Watch the whole thing here:


[screen shot: E!]