Florida car dealerships load unsold vehicles into garages reserved for evacuees

Two car dealerships in Florida took advantage of public parking garages by loading unsold vehicles into parking spots intended for Irma evacuees and garage-less residents hoping to secure their cars from 100+ mph gusts of wind.

The Napleton Infiniti dealership dumped its entire inventory in a Florida State University garage made available to Tallahasse residents.

After receiving criticism on social media, the dealership claimed the university granted it permission to use the garage, and begged people to stop posting negative reviews because the feedback “will really hurt us.” FSU announced Sunday night that it removed the offending luxury vehicles.


The city of Hollywood, between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, made three municipal garages available for free on Friday. Residents showed up and found 40 spots filled with new cars sporting price tags, but no license plates to identify the dealership.

“The lot was designated for residents as a last resort for those who live on the beach and other areas subject to a storm surge — not for a local car dealer,” Hollywood spokeswoman Raelin Storey told the Miami Herald.

In a rush to prepare for the impending storm of historic proportions, residents double- and triple-parked behind the unsold cars, blocking them in. The Hollywood parking department gave each of the dealership’s vehicles a $30 ticket and may charge additional fines by applying an ordinance that bars the use of a public way for private business, the city said.

I would’ve just keyed those motherfuckers.

[photo via Tevin Wooten]

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