Amber Tamblyn claims James Woods tried to pick her up when she was 16

Noted right wing Hollywood creep James Woods spectacularly shot himself in the foot on Monday when he took to Twitter to condemn a gay romance in the movie “Call Me By Your Name.”  The “Any Given Sunday” star likened the age difference between the two characters to NAMBLA and essentially said that the gay community is chipping away at “the last barriers of decency.” Actress Amber Tambyln stepped in to question Woods’ decency by blowing up his spot for allegedly trying to pick her up when she was 16, but not before another actor set her up for a perfect spike.

“Call Me By Your Name” star Armie Hammer decided he wasn’t taking any shit from Woods and called him out for being a real life creep. In the film, Hammer’s character is 24 and his love interest is 17. Hammer is currently promoting the film at the Toronto International Film Festival to critical acclaim and Oscar buzz.

Well, not exactly. Woods was 59 when he started dating 19-year-old Ashley Madison. That relationship ended in 2007 and then the spry 66-year-old started dating a 20-year-old. If what Tambyln tweeted at Hammer is true, then Woods clearly has no problem chasing after underage girls.

“Even better.”


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