Chris Christie: ‘This, I suspect, is [Bannon’s] last 15 minutes of fame…I hope he enjoys it’

A war of words is brewing between Donald Trump’s former chief strategist and his (alleged) fast food valet. During Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview, Steve Bannon claimed that the reason Chris Christie didn’t get a cabinet position in the administration was because he didn’t show enough support for Trump after the “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape dropped.

Bannon claimed that Trump went around the room the day the tape leaked, asking everyone what his chances were to win the presidency. As Bannon tells it, he went last and told the then-Republican nominee his chances were “100 percent,” but not everyone else was as supportive.

“You know, I’m Irish, Bannon told CBS’ Charlie Rose. “I gotta get my black book and I got ‘em…Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend, was not looked at for a cabinet position.”

“I told him the plane leaves at 11 o’clock in the morning,” Bannon continued. “If you’re on the plane, you’re on the team. Didn’t make the plane.”

The New Jersey governor fired back on Monday, calling Bannon a big fat liar.

“That conversation that Mr. Bannon references in his interview never happened,” Christie said on “PBS Newshour” Monday night. “Never had any conversations with him. I didn’t need to convey those kind of feelings to staffers. I was speaking to the principal, to the man who’s now president of the United States.”

Harsh move, calling Bannon a mere staffer.

Christie goes on to say that he was there for the entire “Billy Bush weekend,” and was never kicked off “the team” in any capacity because he was leading debate prep all the way up to the final presidential debate, which happened nearly two weeks after the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped.

“Third, I was offered cabinet positions by this president,” the beach enthusiast continued. “It’s been widely reported. It is true I was offered cabinet positions that I turned down. So I suspect that this little black book that Mr. Bannon’s talking about? The only one who read that black book was Mr. Bannon himself. I know that no one else cared about it, and now that he’s been fired, no one’s gonna really care about anything else Steve Bannon has to say.”

Christie still wasn’t done getting a few jabs in at Bannon, though. Asked if he stood by his original comments about the Billy Bush tape, Christie said he did, and didn’t feel the need to “self-aggrandize” like Bannon is doing.

“This, I suspect, is his last 15 minutes of fame,” Christie said. “And that’s fine. I hope he enjoys it.”

Considering Christie is nearing the end of his term and will not be getting that coveted sports radio job, this feels a little like a pot and tea kettle situation. Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that these two men fighting each other is just delightful. Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy watching both of these guys insult each other?

Breitbart is going to war with the state of New Jersey, and we should appreciate it while we can.

[Screenshot via PBS]