WH staffers reportedly text each other Omarosa hate when in meetings with her

Before General John Kelly took over as chief of staff, the White House was a great place to be a craven grifter who didn’t really do much of anything. Just ask “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka. With Gorka and his fellow Islamophobe Steve Bannon now gone, the biggest thorn in Kelly’s side seems to be reality show villain Omarosa Manigault. Kelly is already pissed off at Manigault for being a messy bitch who lives for drama and always trying to piss off President Trump with “triggering” press clippings.

According to sources speaking to The Daily Beast, Kelly isn’t the only person who can’t stand Manigault. The former “Apprentice” star has apparently made an enemy out of everyone in the White House who isn’t the president.

The reasons staffers hate Manigault are almost too numerous to mention. No one exactly knows what she does in her vaguely defined position as “assistant to the president and communications director for the Office of Public Liaison,” despite earning the top tier White House salary of $179,700. When she is doing stuff, it’s usually inserting herself into the jurisdiction of other communications staffers and allegedly micromanaging them. Manigault also has a tendency to just bust into meetings she wasn’t invited to and derail it with gossip or petty gripes about her enemies in the administration.

From The Daily Beast:

White House officials say that during meetings that include Manigault, aides will often take out their smartphones and start messaging each other saying they wished she would stop talking or leave the room entirely.

Despite the consensus, Manigualt has the implicit trust of President Trump who often seeks her counsel when he’s off Kelly’s leash, via middle of the night phone calls. “She doesn’t have any friends in high places,” a GOP official close to the White House told The Daily Beast, “except the one place it matters.”

As long as Manigault has the president’s trust, she’s expected to outlive her colleagues, especially the ones with ties to the Republican establishment, who she despises.

Despite those headaches, Manigault has outlasted a chief of staff, a chief strategist, two communications directors, a National Security Adviser, and a press secretary, among other officials. But she’s also been relegated to the White House fringes — literally and figuratively. Sources said former chief of staff Reince Priebus and ex Press Secretary Spicer took pains to ensure her office remained in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, and not in the West Wing itself.

When Spicer resigned in late July, Manigault “was probably the happiest, giddiest person in the White House,” the Republican official said.

Imagine your coworkers hating you so much that they go to great lengths to banish you to another building.

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