Show us Eric ‘Luke’ Trump’s birth certificate

Lara Trump, wife of Eric (the blonde one), gave birth to her first child Tuesday morning, and we have some questions. Namely, does the Trump family understand how middle names work?

The New York Times reports the boy’s name as “Eric Luke Trump,” but his father and grandfather are both referring to him as “Eric ‘Luke’ Trump,” with the alleged middle name in quotation marks. People and Page Six refer to Eric’s tweet without reporting their own understanding of the name. The Washington Post reports the name as “Eric ‘Luke’ Trump.”

Is “Luke” an unofficial nickname rather than a given middle name? Does little Eric’s legal middle name include quotation marks? Is this child just an abstract concept?

The Times reports that the toddler will go by “Luke,” rather than “Eric” or “Eric Jr.,” but I can’t help but remain confused by the punctuation.

Mr. President, show us the birth certificate. The public deserves to know.

[photo: “Eric Trump”]