Brock Turner is now literally the textbook definition of rapist

Brock Turner served only half of his six-month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman at Stanford University in 2016. But at least now he’s the literal textbook definition of rapist. Turner’s mugshot, name and the details of his case appear in an “Introduction to Criminal Justice, second edition” textbook in the “rape” section.

The book uses Turner’s case — and the backlash to his short sentence — as a recent historical example of a rapist.

“Some are shocked at how short this sentence is,” the photo caption reads. “Others who are more familiar with the way sexual violence has been handled in the criminal justice system are shocked that he was found guilty and served any time at all.”

The appearance in the textbook has already been verified by Snopes, which tracked down the book and the author, University of Colorado, Denver professor Callie Marie Rennison.

Snopes notes that, upon receiving the Bonnie S. Fisher Victimology Career Award in 2016, Rennison explained her textbook wanted to change the dialogue about victims of crimes:

Existing criminal justice books have focused on three elements: cops, courts and corrections. They speak little about victims, reflecting how they have effectively been in the shadows of our criminal justice system. In our book, victims are front and center with equal emphasis as cops, courts and corrections. This is the way it should be.

[h/t @deceivrofdagods]