Shitty little Trump supporter starts online harassment campaign to get DACA classmate deported

You see that fucking butthole up there in the MAGA hat? That smiling little weenie is named Taylor Ragg, and he’s a white supremacist who has previously palled around with neo-Nazi shitbird Richard Spencer. Ragg attends Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, and he’s currently in the middle of a harassment campaign targeting one of his fellow classmates, a DACA recipient, with the aim of getting her deported.

Senior Paola Garcia, pictured below, posted a YouTube video Monday recounting how Ragg directed his Facebook followers in late August to “report this illegal at my school bragging about breaking the law.” Garcia’s Facebook bio read “undocumented, unapologetic, and unafraid,” which apparently was enough to trigger Ragg’s bitter white rage.


Since Ragg’s post, Garcia has received dozens of racist, threatening comments on social media, and she says the school is doing nothing to help.

“Hope you enjoyed your visit. Back to them dirt floors of your homeland, stinky ass,” one commenter posted. “I can’t wait until your fucking cunt ass is gone,” said another. One person sent Garcia a photo of him filling out a tip form for ICE.

Garcia said she took screenshots of everything and sent them to the administration, but “according to them, his activities don’t violate the school’s non-discrimination policy,” because he “only made a recommendation to his readers about how to respond to her profile.”

The school did not comment on the matter when reached by the Lexington Herald Leader, but sent out a campus-wide email Monday asserting their commitment to “free speech,” which in this case, apparently means racist, targeted harassment campaigns.

“It is essential to remember, however, that the way we pursue justice is as important as the outcome we seek. If justice is to be lasting, the means by which it is achieved is as important as the achievement itself. As a country and as an institution, we are governed by laws. These laws protect the freedom to express one’s viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are different from our own. Thus, there are times when our laws seem like an obstacle rather than a support. If we want justice to endure, however, we cannot succumb to frustrations that would have us break the law or violate policies.”

Ragg, reached for comment by the Herald Leader, responded “Lexington Herald Leader is Fake News.” He did, however, speak to a far-right website called The Narrative Times, which wrote an article with the typo-ridden headline “ILLEGAL ALIEN Boast’s About Being Here ILLEGAL and Suddenly Get’s A REALITY CHECK!”

Ragg’s Facebook account and other social media have been deleted, but archives from earlier in the year can be found here. He is reportedly a former legislative intern for the U.S. Senate, and a campus coordinator for Students for Rand, a group that supports Rand Paul.

A website and email address have also been set up where people can submit dirt on the “entitled little brat.” (There’s also a video of Ragg “trying to suck his own dick.”)

“Racists are emboldened today, and he’s inciting them to harass me and report me,” Garcia states in her YouTube video, asking people to call the university and ask Ragg be expelled. “He’s still here… and I have to see his face every day. It’s such a small campus.”

Garcia says she hopes to not have to share a stage with Ragg at her graduation next spring.

UPDATE 9:15 PM: TU spokesperson Michele Gaither Sparks emailed Splinter News to say Ragg isn’t a student at the school anymore.

“Mr. Ragg is no longer enrolled at the University,” Sparks said. “Per University policy and federal law, I cannot comment further on the issue.”

[screenshots: Libertarians United Against Fascism]