Woman admits to stealing county cash to buy her pug a tuxedo and I see nothing wrong here

An Arkansas woman pleaded guilty to improperly using county money to buy personal items, including a diamond bracelet, tickets to Arkansas Razorbacks sporting events, sequined throw pillows. I am here to publicly appeal for a reversal of her conviction and a full pardon to be issued on account of her also using the funds to buy her pet pug this adorable tuxedo.


Kristi Goss, a former administrative assistant to an unnamed Garland County official, admitted to fraudulently charging some $200,000 to a government credit card funded by taxpayer dollars. What I’m trying to say is: Who cares? Among those $200,000 worth of purchases was a dog tuxedo. As far as I’m concerned, the amount of joy she’s brought into the world far outweighs any damage she caused.

She also used the money to buy the pug pet insurance. Throw out the charges!

Kristi Goss is a goddamn hero. I don’t care how much taxpayer money she took. What did Garland County have going for it before she bought her dog that tuxedo? Nothing. I sure as hell never heard of it. Now I have. It’s the place where one amazing woman saw an opportunity to do the right thing and seized it. Look at the dog. Everyone’s life is now better because of her decision.

Goss is due to be sentenced on November 22, which is a terrible travesty of justice.

[screen shot: KARK]

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