Denny’s swears its mascot is not a turd

Corporate higher-ups in the food industry are used to answering for all sorts of bizarre public queries, like why a customer might find a rodent baked into her sandwich bun. But John Dillon, Denny’s chief marketing officer, found himself in some deep doo-doo this week when he was forced to respond to the media’s sudden realization that awesome-when-you’re-drunk restaurant chain’s three-year-old mascot looks like a giant turd.

It all started with an innocent-enough tweet:

The Twitterverse took it from there:

On Wednesday afternoon, Adweek posted a statement from Dillon on the caca controversy:

“Denny’s launched the ‘Grand Slams’ web series in 2014, and ‘Sausage’ has been an important part of the family since then, along with his counterparts ‘Egg,’ ‘Pancake’ and ‘Bacon.’ That said, Sausage has been looking for an opportunity to out-shadow his breakfast counterparts for a while, so it was only a matter of time before he tried to jump into the spotlight. While this unflattering comparison was never in his plan, he won’t let it stop him from enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

We do not have any plans to change how Sausage looks because…well, he looks exactly how a breakfast sausage should look. And of course, we’d hate to give Sausage a complex because we—and his Grand Slams family—love him just the way he is!”

If “The Grand Slams” wasn’t already a euphemism for Denny’s-induced diarrhea, consider it my gift to you and the popular lexicon at large. And let’s all give Dillon props for handling his shitty situation with humor — and even spending both time and money to add to the conversation:

Who’s hungry?

[poo-poo pic: @armystrang]

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