Author of ‘In Trump We Trust’ wants Trump impeached for DACA deal

The pepes were mad Thursday morning after coming to the realization that their master in the art of deal-making is actually a bumbling buffoon with no sense of what’s going on around him at any given moment. Wednesday night, over dinner with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, President Trump reportedly agreed to a deal with the Democratic leaders that would “enshrine protections for DACA recipients” while working on a separate package to address border security — one that did not include funding for Trump’s border wall, as many conservatives had floated Trump would make a prerequisite for any deal with the Dems.

Ann Coulter, who had once placed so much faith in her dear leader she wrote a book titled “In Trump We Trust,” responded to the news by calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Other ride-or-die Trumpites didn’t lose faith quite so quickly. Bill Mitchell chalked the whole thing up to Trump’s supposedly advanced negotiating tactics, imploring his fellow degenerates not to give up for all would soon be made clear and it would be obvious it was Schumer and Pelosi who had actually been cucked.

Unfortunately for Bill, then this happened:

“The wall will come later,” Trump reassured reporters outside the White House. “And the wall is going to be built, it’ll be funded a little bit later.

Sorry, Bill.

[photo: Getty]