Spicer felt The Mooch didn’t have ‘the qualifications or background’ for his White House job

Spicey cannot lie: He did think that Melissa McCarthy’s impression of his “was kind of funny.” But, as the former White House press secretary explained on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the president didn’t’ find “as much humor in it as others” and the fact that it was a woman who was playing Spicer “may have been a contributing factor” to #45’s lack of sense of humor regarding the whole thing.

As for Anthony Scaramucci, Spicer doesn’t dislike the former White House communications director. He “just didn’t feel as though he had the qualifications or the background to work in the communications office.” And while he won’t talk about whether he gloated when that became very apparent just 10 days into The Mooch’s employment, he did offer that, “I think it proved my point that to do this job is one in which you have the proper background.”

If you think you Spicer looks much happier since leaving the White House, Donald Trump agrees: “The president said to me, right before I left, ‘My gosh, you look 10 years younger.’”

He has no doubt that Trump “absolutely” wants to be president. And that “he’s a good man who really cares about this country… He wants to give back.”

For those of you awaiting a Spicey tell-all: it ain’t gonna happen. “I think if someone entrusts you to bring you into the inner circle of something that it would be an act of betrayal,” he said of making some of his war stories public, adding that, “There’s a lot of interesting pieces of history that I had the unbelievable honor and privilege to be part of and I’d love to maybe share that with the American people.”

Just don’t expect any dirt!

[screen shot: JKL!]